PREPARING FOR COLLEGE IS A LOT LIKE MAKING A HAMBURGER All it takes is some proper stacking.

Have you been thinking about your future career lately? Since you’re in high school, the answer is probably “YES!” Are you feeling excited? We hope so! Maybe a little scared? You can probably bet on it. It IS your future after all, so you probably have a lot of emotions around the subject.

And that’s exactly why the Career Pathways and College and Career Readiness Program was created—to keep you feeling excited about preparing for college and a career while you’re still in high school. In fact, we’ve coined the term “stacking’ to explain how to choose your classes now—and in what order—so that you’ll benefit the most when it’s time to decide about college and/or career.

The science behind it all is a little bit like making a delicious burger. Click here to see what we mean.

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  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • MATC
  • AP Courses
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  • Graduation Requirements